Our Cake Topper

As long as I’m here, I guess I’ll post pictures of our finished cake topper.  My first miniature clothes sewing project completed.

Here’s a look at my lace dress…

I’m not sure why our feet are bare, since we’re getting married in December…


Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

I don’t often use this site for writing – I like the idea of art speaking for itself (or there’s the very real possibility that I’m just lazy).  However, I’ve recently been stuck in a place where I can’t actually do too much art-ing, and my creative juices are overflowing.  So I had to send my mind on this trip around the block, and guess what it ran into: paper dolls.

Paper dolls have a rich history in so many cultures.  Like songs have been hummed since voices were found, and drawings have been etched out since cave walls and hands met, paper dolls have been present in our lives just as long as paper has been.  From origami to vytynanky, to intricate shadow puppets and masks, paper dolls (of sorts) have been used for centuries as religious ceremonial figures, celebratory symbols, decorative art, and simple nineteenth and twentieth century entertainment.  Today, rumor has it, children play with virtual paper dolls…which wouldn’t really make them paper dolls, would it?

And yet, there is a fascination with these simple toys – art forms, really – that is still holding us to this day, at least those of us old enough, or young enough, to remember.  They have the potential to be beautiful, to be meaningful, to be whimsical and slightly – dare I say creepy?  There’s a nostalgia about them, a familiarity, that draws us in.  And their richness and warmth makes me want to embrace them and explore their potential with my current love of paper cutting – paper cutting, which was inspired by paper dolls in the first place.

Paper dolls have been with us for hundreds of years, and I want to introduce them to the next hundreds of years, or at least minutes, in my own way.

Traffic Box Art Completed!

A billion hours later, I’m done building the image.  Now we need to turn it into a big, six foot tall sticker.  🙂

Hope is a Place – papercut

Do you see any buildings you recognize here?

How about here?

If you are from Boise, you will at least recognize this one (I did get permission to put it in, if you’re wondering). 🙂

That’s Minuet, by the stage…

Sophie and Schubert, painting the town red.

And there you have it!  Completed!  I will post pictures of the traffic box itself, once the art is installed.  🙂

Traffic Box Continued

Hello and welcome back to a place of hope!  I hoped this design for the traffic box would be approved and it was, so here are the progression shots so far.

We start out with the sketch…

And then make a mess…

Build a city in just one day…

Add a bit of rock n’ roll…

…and here we have about two panels of traffic box.


I’m not yet happy with the sky, but third time is the charm.  This one looks like a pink storm is blowing in…. anyway, once the sky is just the way I want it, I can start to set things in place and give them some more depth.  🙂  I’ll post more pictures next week!

A Little Bird Told Me

One morning I was just thinking about life, when this particular family came to mind.  I had some extra clay left over from two of my recently finished projects, nothing to do until noon, and a sudden assurance that this is what needed to be done.  And I thought birds would be easy to make!  At least easier than bunnies!  But they weren’t.

That’s okay, because I wouldn’t give up, and now I know how to make birds.  More importantly, they went to a beautiful family (of people, not birds) as they came together as one this July 4th.  These little birds are my happiness for them.

Hunny Bunny

It’s July, and here in Boise it means it’s finally summertime, a beautiful time for beautiful weddings.  Here is a cake topper I made for my friends Mary and Jason Hardy!  Making bunnies dressed in wedding atire was a challenge, but such a fun one!  As with any cake topper I create, I got rather attached to these two sweet little critters.

Hope is a Place

Hello World!  I haven’t been very active on the blog lately, because I have been making things on paper instead!  Before I show you any pictures, I feel like I should tell you that my art was accepted into something called the Traffic Box Project here in Boise, Idaho.  Traffic box murals by local artists have been brightening up the streets and adding to our cultural flavor of our City of Trees, and now it is my turn to add to the mix.

I wanted to take this opportunity to finally look further into my own idea of hope – it’s something I have examined from many angles and perspectives, but have never fully taken my own visual stand on.  I knew that my “street art” was of particular interest, so I started out sketching a place of hope, because, to me, hope is a place inside inside each of us.

Now, this is (kinda-almost-not-quite) what it might look like on the box (Yes! My box is in the capitol building’s backyard!).

You’ll notice the colors aren’t very vibrant or rich.  That is the “kinda-almost-not-quite” part of my last statement.  I’m not so great at coloring with photoshop.  Maybe that’s why I cut paper instead.  😉  So, I made this example papercut.  It is not the final image – it’s tiny and basically I just wanted to see if my idea would come together visually the way I intended it to.  I want to show hope through the use of color – keeping a monochromatic image in sepia or black and white, with bright colors seeping out of the city and into the sky.

Aaaaaand there is always the chance that this won’t be approved.  In which case, a new entry will come later!  Stay tuned, and have a beautiful day.

The Traveling Red Dress

A few days ago, I logged into my email account and opened a gift – an email from my sister, the subject: “Something for you to doodle”.

….Something to doodle indeed.

If you haven’t already heard, the news of Jenny Lawson’s Traveling Red Dress Project is flying, just like the dresses.  It’s about generosity, about self-worth, and the worth of others.  It’s about our own little brand of magic, and you can learn more about it here: http://thebloggess.com/2010/05/the-traveling-red-dress/

The following illustration was inspired by this comment:

Comment of the day: When you said “Ball gowns are flying across the country”, the first thing I thought of was looking up in the        sky and seeing scores of victorian dresses flying through the air. And a small child, who is walking down the street with her mother would look up at the sky and ask: Mommy, what are those things? And the mother would smile, look down and say to her child: That’s hope. ~ Plaidfox

So here is Hope.

Hope - Papercut, 2012