My name is Meredith.

These are some things I love:

  • Music. All kinds. Though, from the looks of my iTunes library, mostly alternative. I’m not sure what they mean when they say alternative. I suppose it’s all the music they can’t fit in anywhere else. I love lyrics, too.
  • Marching band. Specifically Blue Thunder. Blue fields. Also, pit orchestra. You know, for musicals.
  • Beautiful images. Paintings, sketches, photography, just a framed bit of the world.
  • Chocolate.
  • French horn, cello, and jazz piano.
  • Houses. Floor plans. Blueprints. Attics. Secret passageways and rooms. Nooks. Interior design. Ladders, built-in bookcases, furniture, front doors, lofts, and tree houses.
  • The ocean. Especially the bit located next to Oregon.
  • Roman Numerals.
  • White mochas.
  • Sporks.
  • The forest near the ocean.
  • Color.
  • The smell of rain and the thrill of thunder.
  • Keys without locks, candlelight, quill pens, wax seals, wood stain, bicycles tricycles and unicycles, umbrellas, books, cameras, the darkroom, photoshop, bags, hippy and gypsy clothes, hats, scarves, mittens, ellipses, converse, scrapbooking paper, altered books, photo journalism, tiny trinkets, hot air balloons, fairies, mermaids, narwhals, moleskine, sharpened pencils, cardboard boxes, etc. etc. etc.

These are some things I don’t love:

  • Math.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Talking on the phone.

Other than that, I recently graduated from Boise State University with a fine arts degree in illustration and a bachelor of arts degree in music.  I spent six years as the Blue Thunder Marching Band Uniform manager (which basically made me the mother of 150 stinky, but lovable, band kids).  I spent one semester working for the Boise State art department, taking care of all the most unartistic tasks (which I didn’t love).  These days I serve as the music ministry coordinator of the Cathedral of the Rockies First United Methodist Church (which I love!), and also work as a graphic designer for Boise State University (which I am really growing to love, too).  On the occasional weekend, I still have time for my art.  It doesn’t mean I know what I’m going to do with my life, but I’m happy and grateful to be able to put both degrees to good use.  Music and art have always worked hand in hand, and I’m so excited and blessed to be able to explore each, in so many beautiful ways.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. My goodness!! I’ve admired the art work you’ve done 4 the church, but had no idea the breadth and magic of your work and talent. You go, girl! Looking forward to working with you. Judi

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