Painting the Walls

It doesn’t matter if you’re two years old and your medium of choice is Crayola’s “Tickle Me Pink” Crayon, or if you’re 26 going on 27 with a big bucket of  “Slightly-Wrong-Shade-of-Sage-Green” latex paint, trying to fix the fact that you missed a word halfway through the scripture.  Either way, if you’re doodling on the walls, you will get a lot of attention.

Off and on over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of being tasked with painting the walls around the Cathedral of the Rockies.  Starting in the choir room, and slowly branching out from there, I’ve been writing scripture with paint that is roughly the color and consistency of melted milk chocolate chips.  This proves to be not only a welcome challenge, but also a true test of my sanity and/or focus (as much as I almost drink my paintbrush water, I do hope I can keep from absentmindedly licking “chocolate” paint from my fingers).

Mostly, I’m very thankful to be able to give back to such a beautiful church in this way – to use my gifts to give.  I’ve received so many kind thank you notes and emails from congregation and choir members, and I think you should all know that you’re the reason I love doing what I do.  I love art because it’s shared, and sharing with you is awesome.

P.S. A new mural has been added to my list, and it’s one I’m very excited about, even though few will see it.  It will in the coffee closet, and it will say: “And on the eighth day, He made coffee.”

Ministry of Music and Worship Arts

Psalm 149

Psalm 150

Matthew 25

mural arrow


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