Hope is a Place

Hello World!  I haven’t been very active on the blog lately, because I have been making things on paper instead!  Before I show you any pictures, I feel like I should tell you that my art was accepted into something called the Traffic Box Project here in Boise, Idaho.  Traffic box murals by local artists have been brightening up the streets and adding to our cultural flavor of our City of Trees, and now it is my turn to add to the mix.

I wanted to take this opportunity to finally look further into my own idea of hope – it’s something I have examined from many angles and perspectives, but have never fully taken my own visual stand on.  I knew that my “street art” was of particular interest, so I started out sketching a place of hope, because, to me, hope is a place inside inside each of us.

Now, this is (kinda-almost-not-quite) what it might look like on the box (Yes! My box is in the capitol building’s backyard!).

You’ll notice the colors aren’t very vibrant or rich.  That is the “kinda-almost-not-quite” part of my last statement.  I’m not so great at coloring with photoshop.  Maybe that’s why I cut paper instead.  😉  So, I made this example papercut.  It is not the final image – it’s tiny and basically I just wanted to see if my idea would come together visually the way I intended it to.  I want to show hope through the use of color – keeping a monochromatic image in sepia or black and white, with bright colors seeping out of the city and into the sky.

Aaaaaand there is always the chance that this won’t be approved.  In which case, a new entry will come later!  Stay tuned, and have a beautiful day.


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