BFA Thesis Show



In an effort to visually stretch our understanding of identity, it is necessary to reveal the power that is unveiled with the discovery and acceptance of our own vulnerabilities.

It is amongst the clutter and chaos surrounding our every day living that we get wrapped up in materialism, consumerism, and the pressures of professionalism, searching for a power we hope can take us where we desire to go.  We are the pretenders, casting ourselves as something other than what we are.  Nothing seen is true.

What we sometimes forget, in the midst of societal influences and all manners of apparent self-awareness, is what we were only too aware of in earlier stages of development – that we are ourselves, and in accepting ourselves, we uncover a kind of fragile, beautiful, and natural strength, a truth from within.

In considering this work, I found it important to communicate with an adult audience through a child’s vision, giving a fresh light to what we know, on some level, to be true: that before adding all other things, we are only everything.  We are the paper before the painting.

­- Meredith Fern Hoffman­­­­­­­­


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