Crazy Impossible Not-So-Secret-Anymore Art Project

And it’s done!  Twenty-two hours and this is what you get out of a few blocks of clay.  I hope Rebecca and Jordan will enjoy this, and that it serves to remind them of their beautiful wedding day.

fimo sculpture


At the wedding - this may give an idea of the size.


4 thoughts on “Crazy Impossible Not-So-Secret-Anymore Art Project

  1. I love the earrings and engagement ring… so cool. Don’t know how you manage to capture the essence of people so well in clay or pencil!

  2. I believe it turned out really well. I like both of them. You do amazing work and I’m sure Rebecca and Jordan love it. It looks like a cake topper? Is it? Or could it be used as a cake topper?

  3. We DO love it! 😀 It is wonderful. 🙂 Great work, Meredith. I can’t even imagine the work you put in, and it always blows my mind. As always, BEAUTIFUL work. And this one will always be extra special to us. 🙂 THANK YOU!

    • I’m glad you like it. Remember, if anything does break for whatever reason, just let me know and I can fix it or do whatever needs doing. 🙂

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