I have so many things I would love to do, and of course, most of them are going to have to wait.  All of them, really, are going to have to wait.  Two paintings, one illustration, a mural, and a summer stand between me and most of them.

I want to create a paper-bound “Face Book” – a networking project of a deeper kind.

I want to claim a locker of the Morrison Center and turn it into my own miniature gallery – give the music majors something to look in to.

I want to visit children’s hospitals and share art with the kids.

I want to start a webcomic…and I have no idea how.  The beginning is always the hardest – rather the opposite of real life.

Well, I suppose I will figure things out sooner or later.  Some interesting things promise to come to the campus nearest you, as long as the campus nearest you is Boise State.  Keep an eye out.  Until then, feel free to come to the band hall and make a wish in the wishing jar.  It just might come true.

P.S. The entry above looks like a cool mint creme double-stuf oreo.


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