so this is the world at its finest

Done for my painting class, oil on canvas

For the first painting, I would like to explore the idea of an evolved myth, specifically that pertaining to and of the story surrounding Noah’s Ark.  Particularly noted in the analysis of the biblical passage is God’s intent, not to destroy humankind, but to destroy the sin drowning out the potential goodness of humankind.  In this, I would like to accept a theme of hope, and more completely, hope for society’s renewed wisdom, understanding, council, fortitude, knowledge, and piety.

I plan to communicate this message of hope through a narrative strategy, introducing elements of the past and present, and presenting ideas that help tell the story of what was, what is, and what should be.

In an effort to create this scene, I will be using an asymmetrical composition, and I intend on painting this on an oval canvas or board, as an oval layout lends itself to a more decorative – in my mind, historical – presentation. In working on a shaped format, I hope not only create a nostalgic representation, but to make the piece feel more as though it is a part of the story, rather than it simply serving to relate the story to the viewer.

With my materials and techniques I will be descriptive, but with the color strategy I will work with a more expressive quality, visually connecting significant visual elements. White will be used to represent purity and freedom, red to represent celebration and healing, and gold to represent the light.

While thinking about this painting, I referenced the Bible, and considered not only many different cultural myths and today’s falling society, but also scientific theories about the earth’s potential future. From a biblical inspiration fused with today’s theories and outlooks, I will illustrate today’s story of Noah’s Ark.

My original concept was limited because it was too broad. I feel as though, in the beginning, I was considering too many perspectives. Since working on the painting and working through the concept critiques, I haven’t changed the strategies or technical aspects, but rather I realized that I wanted the painting to communicate more about the people than the ark itself. This shift in idea brought about a change of composition, which would create what I feel is a more dynamic perspective. The focus became the purity of these two people, in their love and faith in each other and in God. The ark and the inflamed city are small visual elements, suggesting the ark’s futility and the fire’s inevitability, juxtaposed with the comparative largeness of the people, who embody trust, hope, faith, and spirituality.


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