Musical Octopus

Good night and almost good morning!  This is probably – hopefully – the final version of my faux album cover for The Submarines.  I guess we’ll know tomorrow.  🙂

I have not updated my blog in a long time, so I figure it’s about time to be more active.  This is a sketch for the piece I am currently working on in my illustration class.  It’s an album cover design, hopefully reflecting the musical style of The Submarines.  If you haven’t listened to their music, you should.

There have been a lot of hours at work and not much to do with them, so I have been making good use of the time. Here is my latest:

Acrylic and BFK

Acrylic and BFK

Catherine is leaving the office, and this is my present for her. Without her around the past ten-ish years, Blue Thunder might have been a mess. If you see this, don’t show her. I haven’t given her the original yet. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Musical Octopus

  1. Very cool. He has a sad sort of face. Kind of reflects the melancholy playfulness of the music.

    How come this says it was posted in July, though? Weirdness.

  2. It says that it was posted on July because I just keep editing the same post. Is there someway to make a new, different post? I’m not very good at the whole blog thing, yet. And I’m not sure how sad he is – I think of him as sophisticated, and maybe a little bit skeptical. 🙂

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